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Clear Quartz Crystal 12-sided Vogel


Known as the master healing crystal clear quartz can be used in conjunction with ANY crystal to increase it's power. Used alone, it gives off a powerful vibration which helps connect to the Divine Universe as well as clearing any clouded thoughts or blocked chakras. It can strengthen your aura and protect against negativity.

It is used to cleanse, focus and amplify energy levels in the body. It helps to realign and focus the mind, body and spirit toward clear goals. Harmonizes all the chakras. Increase the power of other healing stones and energies. Expand your psychic abilities, intuition and other gifts. Release self-limitation and align with your Highest Self. Understand and resolve emotionally-complex situations.

Vogel Cut’ crystals are cut based on specifications developed by Marcel Vogel, an IBM research scientist. Vogel understood that crystals are powerful information storage, transmission and amplification systems which can be programmed by the human mind. He considered himself a spiritual scientist and spent the later years of his life researching the relationship between quartz crystals and water, measuring energy fields around crystals and developing quartz crystal healing tools. He experimented with different ways of cutting quartz crystal and after a vision, began to use the Tree of Life as a pattern to create a powerful crystal healing tool. The Tree of Life pattern creates a double terminated crystal with terminations cut at different angles, which optimizes the energy flow and allows the crystal to operate like a laser. The larger receptive termination (female) is cut at a 52 degree angle which harmonizes with the natural molecular lattice structure of quartz. Universal Life Force Energy enters through the receptive female termination, and spirals down the body of the wand. As it spirals, the energy is amplified every time it bounces off of a facet. The energy consolidates as it moves through the crystal body and is emitted as a laser-like beam from the smaller firing tip (male) which is cut at a sharper angle.

♥ Good for ALL astrological signs
♥ Good for ALL Chakras
♥ Good for energy healers, Reiki practitioners, Wiccans, and collectors of all sorts

As the prana spirals down the shaft of the wand, the energy stream is amplifed every time it encounters a facet on the shaft. The super-charged energy stream coalesces at the male end of the wand, and is emitted as a highly coherent laser-like beam for use in meditation, vibrational healing, and subtle communications.

From Brazil