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LIMITED EDITION: Moon Milk + Moonstone Crystal Candle


Energetically Blessed & Hand Poured during the Hunter's Full Moon

Working with the Divine Feminine energy of the Hunter's Moon, these candles each contain one hand picked, energetically blessed Rainbow Moonstone crystal curated from Crystal Healing Collective and hand Poured by Grateful Daily.

Moon Milk: A soothing, out of this world floral fragrance with a hint of coconut and peach. This bohemian scent reminds us of beachy sun-tan oil. Instant vacation vibes!

Highly Scented and Long Lasting
Handmade in Los Angeles
Clean Burning

Moonstone is a stone of mystery.  Working with the Third Eye and Crown chakras, it works to enhance the intuitive sides of our mind including our clairvoyance abilities.  It encourages nonlinear thinking and assists in clearing our aura's.

Rainbow Moonstone in particular uses its prism like qualities to diffuse energy throughout the aura.  Aiding in the clearing of your psychic senses and the mind, this stone brings in joy to your energy field.  Also used as a positive protector stone for maintaining clarity of energy to work more closely with your intuitive levels

Moon Milk is our original bestselling scent! Its coconut base and light floral notes give a unique profile with universal appeal. 🌙

Engage your senses as you reflect on what you are grateful for. In just a few moments, gratitude can help you feel more grounded, optimistic, and inspired. 

🌿 100% Soy Wax
👋 Hand-poured in Los Angeles, CA
♻️ Glass vessel easy to reuse or recycle
🔥 Braided cotton wick for a clean burn
⏰ 45+ hours of burn time (8 oz)
🚫 Phthalate-free, petroleum-free (No paraffin)
🎁 Includes box and letterpress dust cover

It's a full experience...

👉 Hear the spark when lighting a match 
👉 See the wax melt into a pool of massage oil
👉 Feel grateful and uplifted with each burn

Available in 8oz size only

Small Batch Artisan Candles