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Spirit Quartz Clusters


Spirit Quartz is a high vibration stone, enhancing harmony and peace in groups, in family or other social or business environments. A wonderful companion when one experiences the loss of a loved one. Great for healing on all levels. Enhances and increases the benefits of other crystals. Stimulates the manifestation of abundance in one's life. Excellent for cleansing chakras and releasing negative energies, filling the space with positive, radiant white light. A small piece can be placed under your pillow to increase and intensify dreams.

Spirit Quartz helps to elevate one's self-worth and to form strong connections with the inner and higher self. Carries the vibration of universal love, a much needed energy on this planet. Helps to heal old issues you may be holding on to. Protects the home.

Also known as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz .- these crystals are strongly associated with both the Crown and Heart Chakras.

- From South Africa