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What is Energy Healing and Why Is It Good for Me?

Posted by Jean Nitchals on
What is Energy Healing and Why Is It Good for Me?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique with roots stretched throughout the world. It originated in the late 1800s and was rediscovered by Mikau Usui in 1922. Since then, the Japanese art has been brought over to Western Culture where it is widely recognized as a force of healing, relaxation, and stress reduction. Reiki (pronounced “Ray’Key”) is derived from the words “Rei” meaning a Higher Knowing or Intelligence, and “Ki” coming from the words chi and qi, the life force that flows through everything. Reiki can be translated as “life-force energy guided by spirituality” or “the energy being guided by a Greater Intelligence”. Reiki is all around us. It is the energy in all matter, and it exists within us all.

What is Energy Healing and How Does It Work?  

As a practice, Reiki healing is a holistic, energy-based treatment administered by a Reiki practitioner. It is a light touch, or no touch, treatment in which energy is transferred through the palms of a practitioner either in-person, or distantly across time and space, for the purpose of deep relaxation and healing. 

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, a little off-kilter, or like you’re lacking direction? Do you go through periods of stress and uneasiness? When one suffers an injury or undergoes emotional strain, there are said to be energy blockages that build up within the body over time. Energy blockages can leave us feeling stuck, unfulfilled, stressed, and even ill. Reiki healing transfers energy into and out of the body to remove blockages and bring the body into balance and harmony. Reiki energy healing is a valuable modality to help one cope with life’s struggles and stress.

Energy healing supports enlightenment and connection with a Higher Knowing. The flow of energies encourages universal love and acceptance. It is mindfulness, relaxation, and the ability to recognize one’s emotions. 

What Can Energy Healing Do for Me? 

Reiki energy healing offers many benefits to your wellbeing, all of which contribute to overall spiritual and physical balance and harmony. 

Reiki assists in the release of stress and tension by adjusting the energy flow in the endocrine system. It is a deeply relaxing experience that can also improve sleep, relieve stress, reduce pain, detoxify the body, and increase support for the immune system. 

Often times crystal healing is combined with Reiki energy healing to enhance treatment.  The natural energy of crystals amplifies different functions like the body, heart, and mind, enriching the Reiki energy healing process.   

For a deeper connection, Reiki’s healing energy can have powerful effects when targeted specific to our seven chakras. Reiki healing aligns with our core seven chakras, and can be specialized to work through energy blockages that may be holding one back from progress in goals, career, and relationships. 

Overall, Reiki energy healing serves to enhance your own self-healing abilities. By clearing and opening up our minds, hearts, and bodies, Reiki supports enlightenment, increases mindfulness, and grows self-awareness. Reiki balances our life-force, and when our life-force is balanced, other components of our lives such as our health, connections, and careers follow suit to align in harmony.

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