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Rainbow Obsidian Palm Stones


Working with the Root Chakra, Black Obsidian is a powerful eliminator of negative energy in oneself and one's environment.  The energy of this stone is protective and creates a seal in your personal aura removing energetic attachments, hooks and chords.  By doing this it helps you to remain grounded with faced with negativity.

Rainbow Obsidian, as a form of Black Obsidian, shown in the light its color variations come to life.  Bands of red, blue, gold and or green shades will be revealed.  It brings hope, illumination and energy into the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body.

These stones enable us a deeper opportunity to heal by going into the darkness to do the work of past traumas or emotions, guiding us through that dark into the light.  These journeys often come from our human crisis that become opportunities to learn, heal, and release.

Similar to a movie or a story, there is always a dark pattern, when we look at Rainbow Obsidian in the darkness, all we see is the black obsidian reflecting back.  It's only when we bring it into the light that they rainbow is discovered.  The same is true for our stories and journeys of healing.  Rainbow Obsidian helps us to clear the emotional body of lingering patterns.  It can clear all chakras. 

* each one varies in rainbow colors options. Dominant colors include green, purple, gold or combinations of green/purple