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We are so grateful you are here

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We believe that life is meant to be celebrated, laughter is medicine, and every ounce of energy around us is foundational to our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Crystal Healing Collective was founded to be a catalyst for all of the above. We use the word “Collective” with intention, as we see that healing goes beyond just one person. It’s about raising the collective consciousness of our strengths together to make positive change for our individual lives and our communities as a whole. We value the relationships we foster, and embrace our identity as a collective by partnering and collaborating with others to grow and strengthen our community. Together, we embrace the opportunity to create positive change and reconnect to our inner lights.  

Our work and purpose goes beyond the growth and healing of just ‘human’. We must also acknowledge our planet for our very existence.

A large piece of Crystal Healing Collective’s foundation is appreciating nature, and recognizing its symbolism and contributions to life.

Thank you for being here,

and welcome to our community!