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Amber Natural Tumbled Stones ~ Baltic


Boost Immunity. - Mental Clarity - Pain Relief

Stone of Clearing, Amber is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone.

This sunny stone is perfect for rebalancing the core, whether you are looking for some warmth and radiance or perhaps a little reset. It is perfect for wiping away cloudy thoughts, removing bad karma and generally helps clear a path for a brighter road.

Amber is also  a warm gemstone and known to help relieve pain and to boost the immune system. It has a lovely energy. These gemstones vary in size and make lovely meditation stone. Can be used as a pocket or worry stone or a chakra stone. Smooth, light and warm to the touch. Place in your prayer space to negate electromagnetic energy. Amber is renowned for its pain easing, rejuvenating and vitality boosting effects as well as its ability to help protect against illness. It is appreciated by those looking for natural beauty and health.

Please note that although these pieces look clear, it is not in the nature of amber to be perfect. They include lines and spots, specks, colouration and inclusions, layers and lines, included as the resin flowed from the tree 40 million years ago. These quirks are to be appreciated as natural phenomena, not seen as faults. These gems have been heat treated to increase the clarity and make less brittle