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Amethyst + Agate Wrap Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet is versatile and can be used as a wrap, a necklace, a hair tie you choose! Includes a crescent moon, stars and Buddha's hand charm.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strengths and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer.  It is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection.  It brings clarity of the mind to the wearer and helps you to become more in tune with your feelings so that you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. 

Amethyst crystals repel negative energy and attract positive energy, making them a wonderful protection for the home.  They have one of the strongest powers to ride your home of negative influence.  

This crystal works with the Crown Chakra.

Agate is one of the oldest healing stones.  As a stone of strength, it was used in ancient civilizations on the breastplates of armor, to bring warriors strength and make them victorious in battle.  Agates are very protective stones, making them the perfect stones for amulets and medicine bags.  They also bring us courage, emotional strengths and self confidence. 

This crystal works with the Root Chakra.

Handmade & Designed by Love & Drishti