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Charoite Spheres


Transformation - Release - Divine Guidance

Often used by light workers, Charoite strengthens the connection to the Divine source. It works to strengthen the flow of energy from the higher chakras through the twelfth chakras.  

This crystal stimulates your inner vision, spiritual insight, overcomes fear and assists with incredible change at the spiritual level.  Charoite works to transform negative emotions such as fear and anger into positive energies.  It will work with you to release all that is holding you back from change that allows for forward movement. 

Charoite also has a very relaxing energy, helping us to let go of stress and worry. It whispers that we are exactly where we are meant to be. During difficult times, Charoite reminds us that this is merely a “season” of our life, meant to teach us something important so that we can become the person we are meant to be. Sometimes we resist the path we are meant to follow, for a variety of reasons. Charoite helps us to gently accept that when we follow our true path, it will lead to peace and happiness. No one can choose our path for us, it is ultimately a sweet agreement between us and the Divine. Charoite helps us to let go of other people’s perceptions and influences, so we can stand on our own. Charoite helps us to let go of relationships that no longer serve us and to empower and renew relationships that bring Light into our lives. Charite is a fairy-tale stone, showing us the way to our own “happily ever after.”