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Elevate Your Life with Crystal Magic (in-person)


  • Saturday, May 15, 2021
  • 1:30 PM  3:30 PM
  • Crystal Healing Collective5000 West 36th StreetMinneapolis, MN, 55416United States (map)


Excite your crystal curiosity and increase your crystal confidence by exploring the fundamentals of crystal magic. 

Do you find yourself wandering to the crystal section of your favorite boutique? Have you been collecting crystals since you were young and didn't quite know why? Are you seeking a basic understanding of what crystals can do for you? 

The connection you feel to crystals has purpose and meaning. Crystals choose us! We might think it's the other way around, however, crystals have a unique way of shining just a bit brighter so we can see them and bring them into our lives. So, how do we navigate this process with certainty and trust our intuition around crystals?

During this 2-hour course, you’ll gain knowledge, materials, and confidence to bring crystals into your life and home. Learn why you gravitate toward certain crystals, and learn how you can use them to inspire, heal, and ground yourself. By exploring everything from the prominent history behind our world’s crystals, to their powerful healing properties, you’ll walk away from this class with a greater confidence to elevate your life with crystals. 

Do you have some of your own crystals you are curious about? Bring them along and we will explore their connection to you more deeply!

Key Course Topics:

  • Learn the history of crystals
  • Understand the varying healing properties of crystals
  • Learn how crystals align with chakras
  • Learn how to select which crystals are right for you
  • Understand how to utilize crystals for clearing and setting intentions

You Will Receive:

  • Crystal Starter Set
  • Meditation Ritual
  • Energy Follows Intention Crystal Card Set