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Elite Shungite Stones - For Shungite Water and EMF Protection


Shungite stones are a natural purifier working at the molecular level breaking up negative energies.  If you are feeling ungrounded, it is a natural grounding stone connecting directly to the Earth.  This stone can rid the body of negative emotional patterns and support your overall wellness.

Shungite is more recently has been discovered to protect the bodies against EMF that surrounds us daily with cell phones (and towers), computers, and microwaves to name a few.  Use Elite shungite for multiple applications, including water purification, wellness, EMF protection, gardening and more. The most powerful shungite type is that of Elite. You’ll understand just how beneficial it can be once you start using it in your daily life.

By using  elite shungite stones you can make shungite water and drink it daily for optimal results.  (Instructions included with purchase!). 

You will receive them in a sealed black protective envelope as pictured below.  Depending on frequency of use, plan to replace every 6 months, however when they need replacing, you may plant them in your garden or plants to enhance the health of your greenery.