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Fluorite promotes focus, intuition, and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free-thinking, and clear unbiased reasoning. Fluorite is excellent for the advancement of the mind, aiding in meditation and inter-dimensional communication.

It is a highly protective stone, especially on a psychic level and from outside influences and overcoming chaos. Fluorite draws away negative energy and stress, cleansing and purifying the body.

Fluorite allows your mind to work effectively in stressful and chaotic situations.  It's useful when studying, doing research, writing and exams or preparing/delivering a presentation.  It brings about clearer thinking, helping you to see the big picture.  

Double Terminated crystals are useful in healing as they help to absorb negative energy, break down old patterns, assist with overcoming addictions, or may be used to integrate previously blocked parts of the self. When placed on the third eye, double termination crystal wands may enhance telepathy

Additional attributes:

Blue Fluorite

Chakra - Throat Chakra

Blue Fluorite calms the emotions and stimulates clear communication.

Green Fluorite

Chakra - Heart Chakra

Green Fluorite brings hormones into balance. It harmonises and recharges all chakras.

Purple Fluorite

Chakra - Third Eye Chakra

Purple Fluorite increases mystic visions and aids spiritual balance. It helps the intuition to connect to the rational mind.

Wands are 4-4.5” in length.