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Genuine Lemurian Quartz Crystal~ Brazil


These small Lemurian Quartz crystals are known as record keepers identified with the lines (like pages in a book) on the sides.

Lemurians were found around the turn of the millenium and was said to have been specifically programmed with vast knowledge, and buried by the Lemurians themselves. This crystal comes from an ancient civilization that existed millions of years ago named the Lemurians. They were believed to have been peaceful people that understood mother nature and all the creatures within it. The Lemurians programed these crystals with their spiritual knowledge and energy, then scattering them around the world to be found when needed.

Lemurian Quartz: A master healing stone for clearing and magnifying your intentions. Amplifies your intentions and energy, boosts energy, works well to enhance other crystals. Great to put on your desk or carry with you as a reminder of your positive intentions and manifestations! Lemurian Quartz Points have a unique display or bar code texture. 

*Each pieces has a point.  Some have rainbow inclusions or varying inclusions. Photos of a few examples included.