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Intuitive Energy Healing Session
(In-Person and Virtual Distance)

Enhance your self-healing abilities, raise your vibrational frequency, heighten spiritual growth, and open yourself up to emotional clearing with a Crystal, Reiki Energy and Sound Healing Session.

Reiki is a holistic, light touch (or no touch) energy-based treatment that brings the body into balance and harmony by assisting in the release of stress and tension, removing energy blockages, and adjusting the energy flow in the endocrine system. Reiki’s healing process is enriched when paired with the natural energy of crystals and sound. Each 80 minute session is customized to facilitate the healing and manifestation specific to you.

This deeply relaxing experience can also improve sleep, relieve pain, and assist in detoxification throughout the body while supporting the immune system.

In-Person sessions include use of an Amethyst BioMat and 10 minute consultation before and after the session.


We believe healing and education should be accessible to everyone and we recognize budgets might be tight at times.  Contact Jean to learn about her accessible pricing options.