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Labradorite Flame

$185.00 $225.00

Labradorite is considered a tremendously spiritual stone, especially helpful for people who tend to overwork. It helps an individual regain energy while aiding the body and spirit in healing itself. In the metaphysical world, labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors. The gemstone creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world.

The Stone of Transformation and Magic, Labradorite reminds us that the greatest healing stones are often connected with all the elements – ground beneath your feet, flowing ocean, expansive sky and stars above. It’s a stone that shows the way to self-soothing, artistic ambition, cosmic energy, and enhancing our own mental clarity.

Labradorite kindles your inner fire and symbolizes, hope, possibility, and new beginnings. It aids visioning and opens you up to wisdom from beyond our world of time and space. Labradorite protects against negative energies, removes unwanted energy and protects its own energy field against negative influences from the outside.

From Brazil