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$90.00 $148.00

Be a part of the solution to reduce textile waste while developing + growing your meditation practice.

Each cushion is one-of-a-kind, made from aunique combination of rescued fabrics, shades, and geometry no two cushions are ever exactly alike.

Half-moon shape allows for multiple ways to sit comfortably during meditation, for use in restorative yoga postures and floor stretching, or however you please!

Buckwheat hull filling provides solid, yet malleable support to allow for proper spinal alignment. Add or subtract filling to create your level of comfort.

When we create an intentional space, we are more likely to carve out time to pause and look inward to contribute to a more intentional life. Intentional space → intentional life.

Short handle and long strap provide multiple ways to carry the cushion around your home or on the go.

Supports localized, decentralized manufacturing, and womxn-owned businesses.

Interior lining is filled with replaceable and compostable buckwheat hulls. Outer shell can be unzipped and removed for hand-washing.

Made in Minnesota.

17” x 11” x 5.5”