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Natural Blue Lace Agate


Turn on some creative inspiration with this Natural Blue Sugar Lace Agate from South Africa. Discover all of the sparkly druzy crystals inside and around each of these rare pieces.  

When this stone grows in Africa, it has this sugar crust. Each piece has it, and it’s actually microcrystalline quartz that gives it this sugary layer on top. Blue lace agate is SO good for your creative inspiration. They call this “the muse stone” and it truly is!

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your sources of inspiration, this is the stone for you. Blue lace agate is also a stone of communication, clarity, and peace. It primarily activates the Throat Chakra  helping you choose wise words with clarity and conviction. Blue lace agate opens up creative pathways and is a perfect stone for those who struggle to make themselves heard and wish to express themselves authentically. Work with this stone for creative expression and clear communication.

Blue lace agate helps you open your Throat Chakra to speak your truth from the heart. If you’re afraid or uncomfortable sharing your inner wisdom and ideas with others, this gem will help you speak up and be heard. This “muse stone” will help you reconnect to your creative side and to what inspires you. Blue lace agate is also a calming and centering gem that relaxes the mind and alleviates restlessness. It banishes fears and worries, bringing more restful sleep.

Hold this Natural Blue Sugar Lace Agate in meditation to connect to your creative sources. Place this offering anywhere in your sacred space for clarity and conviction, or in your bedroom to relax your mind and alleviate restlessness

From South Africa