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Smoky Citrine Towers


An incredible combination for manifestation!

The short summary:

Natural Smoky Citrine Quartz is a beautiful source of purification, protection, and money magic. Smoky quartz absorbs and traps negative energies, keeping you and your sacred space clear of any vibrations that aren’t aligned with your highest good. Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone because it brings luck and abundance to business endeavors. This gem activates your Solar Plexus Chakra ranting the motivation and courage to manifest your desires.

Take a deeper dive:

Smoky Quartz was known as a Stone of Power.  These pieces are hand carved from Brazil and are filled with rainbows.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone.  It gently neutralises negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels, prompting elimination of the digestive system and protecting against radiation and electromagnetic smog.  Smoky Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity.  It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.  Promotes positive thoughts and action, and alleviates suicidal tendencies.  Dispels nightmares and manifests your dreams.  Smoky Quartz aids concentration and assists in communication difficulties.

The Smoky Quartz crystal meaning is linked with the healing vibrations of the earth that occurred over millions of years, a life-giving cycle that gives and gives but also takes away. In the case of Smoky Quartz, it was the tough love of Mother Nature that gave it a distinct strength in the gemstone world. Its exposure to radiation makes it one of the most powerful stones for clearing and purifying the environment from electromagnetic stress, a common problem in our modern world of daily electronics. Because of this ancient blueprint for environmental protection, the Smoky Quartz crystal stone is able to recognize electromagnetic and geopathic stress, neutralizing it and returning it to the earth. 

Citrine is believed to be of value in healing the spiritual self as well, as it is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, it also carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement. Carrying the power of the sun, it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias.

Citrine is also known as “The Merchant Stone” or “The Success Stone.” In fact, if your intention involves achieving success in financial or business ventures, this is one of the best stones for boosting those manifestations. The Citrine crystal stone meaning is also linked with boosting joy and optimism, which gives you the motivation you need to accomplish your goals.

This is a Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra healing crystal, and magnifies your power of will and enhances your imagination.  By working with your Solar Plexus with Citrine, by setting clear intentions, we open our possibilities to manifest our dreams and desires into reality.  

From Brazil