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THE HEAT IS ON. This Double-Walled Tea Bottle features lab-quality, double-walled glass for insulation. Add one of our VitaJuwel ViA GemPods or use the GemPod in your regular ViA bottle (fully compatible) to enjoy the sparkle of your favorite gemstone blend inside the bottle while brewing your tea on-the-go with the (optional) extra-large tea strainer. Stays cool to the touch. Crystal vibes for your hot or cool drink. Engineered in the German Alps. Made in Germany.

GemPod and Tea Strainer are NOT included.

CRYSTAL VIBES. Naturopathic doctors have been using the vibrant energy of precious stones to prepare potent crystal elixirs for their therapies for many years. With the help of gemologists we’ve reinterpreted this tradition and created a select number of unique crystal blends aimed at specific crystal attributes. Get one of our VitaJuwel ViA GemPods or use the glass insert of the GemPod in your regular ViA Bottle.

VERSATILE. Choose one of 13 traditional gemstone blends. Enjoy your loose leaf tea with the (optional) large capacity, stainless steel tea strainer.

SUSTAINABLE. Stop using paper cups from your coffee shop and let them fill your ViA HEAT instead.