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Chrysocolla Sphere


Clarity - Tranquility - Expression

Working with your heart chakra, Chrysocolla aids in communication and meditation.  This stone has the unique ability to remove negative energies and allows one to see and experience the positive side of every situation.  Working with this stone aids to balance emotions and accept changing situations while building a stronger self work along the way.

Chrysocolla is a great stone when it comes to relationships, not only due to its positive communication attributes, but also its ability to inhibit a better understanding of person interactions. As shown by its colors it is a very calming stone. It can ground you during tough times, or simply just turn the volume down in our brains during meditation.

It draws out negative feelings and emotions and reverses those into something more positive. It heightens our self awareness , while simultaneous proving us with an inner balance. It also has the ability to minimize person phobias.

Woven into some of these pieces you'll find traces of Peruvian Turquoise as well.

Turquoise brings protection, wisdom and truth to the holder.  As one of the oldest stones discovered by mankind, this Turquoise helps one to know and speak their truth.  This stones is beneficial for storytelling, writing, and journaling of any kind. If you are looking for a stone that opens you up for inspiration and help with any project look no further.

Turquoise is also a very protective stone, working with you to regain strength and often believed to protect during travels of all kinds.

~ from Peru