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Hawks Eye Crystal Bracelet


Hawks Eye is good for looking within and finding answers within your subconscious mind. A stone of intuition, it is great for focusing on the Third Eye chakra.  It helps you see the big picture rather than focus on the irrelevant details of everyday life. 

The stone also brings you attentiveness to the world and to fellow creatures. It puts the cycle of life into perspective and helps you find your place in the natural order. 

Through meditation and the opening of our Throat Chakra, we open our minds to manifest the thoughts and creative ideas into reality as well as connect with the energies so the Mother Nature, in addition to the universe. The vibrancy of the stone further assist  in creating the heaven on earth with the help of positivity.

Hawks Eye is great for the Third Eye chakra. It gets into the depths of your mind, accessing your intuition. Hawks Eye helps you seen clearly in both the physical and metaphysical world.

When you put Hawks Eye to your Third Chakra, you are more aware of everyday activities. Instead of blindly going about your routine, you start to gain a conscious awareness that each breath you take has meaning. Each step you take leads you to a new destination. By raising your conscious awareness, you are better able to not only follow, but also enjoy your life mission.

When you use Hawks Eye to open your Third Eye to the metaphysical world, it helps clarify your visions. Does it sometimes feel vague or fuzzy when you are trying to access your higher self, guides and angels? With Hawks Eye placed right on your Third Eye, visions and messages become crystal clear.